Portfolio Selected

Cracolice | Fabio Serpa

Cracolice, seaside village in the Tyrrenian Sea, is sadly known to the news for an event that broke out in the 90s, never confirmed nor denied: following the landing of the famous “Ships of poisons”, the young population suddenly stopped aging, creating eternal teenagers.
How this happened has remained a mistery to date.
Selected at “Cinemed” festival of Montpellier, Trieste Sci-Fi Film Festival and “Med Film Festival” of Rome.
Gargantua Distribution.


El Duelo Weird | Fabio Serpa

One title, two languages. A short movie, two different genres. The good and the bad, two shots to inflict each other before it’s too late. What for?
Atypically shaped western, selected in more than 30 Festivals worldwide, winner of four awards in Rome, Tokyo, Berlin and Arizona.
Distribution: Prem1ere Film.


Tao Fitness |

Soundtrack for a Podcast and YouTube show.